What we do


Mike Cosman and Helen Parkes

Enhancing Governance: we can help by providing your Board and senior leaders with independent external advice and support.

Promoting Assurance: we can help you to develop monitoring and reporting frameworks.

Independent Investigations: we can help you to understand why things are going well, or why they are not going according to plan

Coaching and Mentoring: we can support your staff to develop their knowledge and skills in health and safety.

Comprehensive Reviews: we can undertake objective reviews and audits for boards and senior leaders.

Risk Management: we can help you to set risk frameworks, identify, assess, monitor, control and review risks in your business.

Expert Advice: we can help you to understand what good looks like and how you are doing.

Asbestos Management: we can help you to improve awareness, undertake risk assessment. or review your management plans.

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