Asbestos Management

Our interest in ensuring workplaces effectively manage their asbestos risks is deep seated as we know this is the hidden killer responsible for more premature deaths per year than any other workplace cause. Yet for many organisations its not even on their radar until something goes wrong and they are faced with managing an expensive and highly emotive situation.

New Regulations  issued in early 2016 impose duties on owners of workplace buildings to develop asbestos management plans. This can be an expensive and difficult process. Controls on who can work with asbestos have been significantly tightened.

We offer asbestos awareness training, advice on the selection and monitoring of those working with asbestos, risk based asbestos management plans and advice and reassurance when things go awry. Most recently we have worked with major property clients, tenants and insurers in managing post earthquake asbestos issues.

We work closely with WorkSafe ( having trained many of their inspectors) building owners, insurers, property managers, main and specialist asbestos contractors, unions  and workers.  We were members of the JAS-NZ Technical Committee developing new safety management systems standards for Class A Asbestos licence holders.

We are not aligned with any party so offer independent, objective advice.